Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday wishes go out today to two of my favorite performers...

Mr. Ron Jarvis, seen above in the early 70s sharing a sandwich with Frankie Saluto, and Ms. Dolly Jacobs (daughter of Lou Jacobs) seen on Big Apple as well as her performance (along with cameos from Bubi and Jule, Jim Tinsman and Barry Lubin as well as proud "Papa Lou") at the 4th annual Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo. Her roman ring act is, to me, probably the single greatest American circus act of the modern era...

Bill Strong sends this photo (along with Happy Birthday wishes from himself and Trudy) that clearly illustrates what sets Dolly apart from other performers...

There are 20 horses waiting to make their entrance on back track of this huge arena but I bet your eye gravitates towards the tiny figure with the perfect posture making her exit in the dark on front track. That's Dolly at the Tarzan Zerbini Detroit Shrine date.

Pedro and Dolly's show, Circus Sarasota (featuring Greg and Karen DeSanto), opens Feb. 2nd with tickets available online at

A very happy birthday to you both and many, many happy returns.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat... "May all your days be Circus Days!" Wait a minute, I don't have to tell YOU that.

A little known fact. Frankie was AKA Joe Bananas, President of the 'Midget Mafia. In the picture I was being offered a bribe of half a P%J sandwich if I would give him one of my beers. I did and soon after he gave me my pink slip and fired me.


PS The entire Red Unit would turn out for my post show birthday partie each year! (Oh yeah, Dolly was there too.)