Friday, April 13, 2007


Photo courtesy of Mike Naughton

A photo of what may be the last of a dying bred, the elegant American neat circus whiteface.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls... take a good look, there are not many of them left in the wild and without some sort of a preservation effort these sparklely, spangled creatures may vanish entirely during our lifetime.

Thought you'd all like to see this rare photo of Keith Crary, Bobby Kay's protege and uncle of Adam Kuchler's (spelling?)


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Mike Naughton said...

CC 74 - Keith was on the faculty for a short time, then headed to Los Angeles or back to the show, I'm not certain.

Keith did a make-up presentation for the entire class. It was fairly fast, meticulous and was the exemplification of an artist at work. After the presentation, several of us did an up-close examination of the fine lines and perfect symmetry and proportionality of the make-up. WOW! What a masterpiece made complete with an ideal wig and appropriately flashy wardrobe and comedy shoes.

Keith was a favorite instructor; but the master himself, Bobby Kay, was in charge of make-ups that year.

From the CC '74 came Steve LaPorte, I think from Oklahoma, who went onto HOLLYWOOD and won an OSCAR for his make-up design/creation for Beetlejuice.