Wednesday, April 04, 2007

LES FRATELLINI: Another Postcard

I wonder why Paolo and Alberto's names got "anglicanized" to "Paul" and "Albert" but Francois never became "Frank"?

Probably because "Frank" sounds like the first name of an overweight plumber from Staten Island and "Francois" sounds more like an elegant whiteface clown and star of the Cirque d'Hiver.

Just my guess.


Anonymous said...

are you joking or what??

its simple: paul and albert are also french names. they have to be pronounced the french way ( albert sounds something like albeir)

and so is francois: also a french name.

the ather to doesnt have anglicanisized names either: it's french and so are "les fratellinis"

it's thats simple

anglicanisized: hahahaha

great joke!!

Anonymous said...

ohoh are you serious on this one, because that sounds like a joke!!

ther names doenst sound english at all

it is very simple: les fratellinis are french clowns and francois is a french name but also albert and paul are typical french names

you have to pronounce it the french way. albert is pronounced like albeir and paul something like pôl
whith a long open o.

later the english language took over the names albert and paul and started to pronounce them in a different more english way: that's all

as simple as that

the names are americanisezed:

good one pat cashin!!

Marcos_JW said...

Lo importate es que fueron grandes artistas.
The most important is the were great artist!

Very god, friend!

When a post about "Antonet" or "Grock"?