Saturday, May 19, 2007

LIUZHOU, CHINA: The Melee at Stage Three

The talented cast of performers from Stage Three of the Happy Liuzhou International Clown Festival at Long Tan Park in Liuzhou, China...

Stage Three

The Martian Brothers

Chris, Gina and Hunter Allison

Festival Organizer Extraordinarie: Brenn Swanson

Ron "Toto" Johnson

Kevin Brown

Eric "EZ" Zander


Anonymous said...

thanks pat for the great photos,, It's wonderful seeing ol friends. gotta chuckle, I remember well how great Gina was when she used to babysit my sons Alexander and Sebastian! Her and Chris are both great people,, Ez looks great too! Lee Stevens..........

Anonymous said...

Hey PatrickCashin,

Thanks for including me in your Clown blog. Being the funniest American circus Clown for the new millennium, I would think I'd have been on here earlier.
But Geezopetes! Could ya have found a worse pic of me than the squinting in the sun with skinbond all over my face after the noseglue fiasco opening day?

But, hey, good work with the blog and all and hey Lee Stevens.

CC 88
Gold 89
Red 90
Blue 91-92
Circus Circus 92-02
Cirque du Jour 02-present
Culpepper-Merriweather 06
plus others

Anonymous said...

The Happy Liuzhou International Clown Festival was so incredible in so many ways...including having the chance to perform onstage with such marvelous partners as "EZ" and Kevin!

"Toto" Johnson