Thursday, September 13, 2007

AJI: Teatro Zinzanni, 8/25/07

Video courtesy of "justiceclown"

Aji performing his "Raining Men" comedy juggling act at the Teatro Zinzanni Cabaret at the close of the "Royal Invitation" show.

I came up with a lot of business for a similar gag where the music wouldn't cooperate but could never find a satisfying "blow-off" to the gag so I've never performed it. It never occured to me to simply submit to the song that you hated and "thus the clown achieves his goal". My plan was to blow up the radio.

Mad, phat props go out to Aji.


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Mike Naughton said...


Do you remember Pomp and Circumstance when it played NYC?

I believe that was the name.