Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Photos courtesy of David Powell

My Wayne and Marty Scott-made clown boxing gloves on tour with the Alain Zerbini Circus this season.

Good seats still apparently available.

Mr. Zerbini, if you need a gag for next season, my garage is always open to you ; )


Anonymous said...

Apparently with houses like that there might not be a next season.

Looks like the committee went door to door to sell tickets. His door and his next door neighbors and fearing that there would be too many people our trusty committee man suspended sales.

So our hot as a pistol committee man was forced to retire from the Kiwanis Club and he is hoping that someone from the Rotary invites him to be a guest speaker, the topic HOW TO SCREW UP A CIRCUS,WHAT EVERY COMMITTEMAN SHOULD KNOW.

With a crowd like that it would have been CHEAPER to give the audience members a DVD and send them home with microwave popcorn.

Last question: did they charge for parking?

justlarry said...

The small crowds could be from a fair date Alain does a alot of those.
Fair dates are Rough!
Try being funny when there is 12 people in the tent a huge NOISEY spinning ride right next to it.