Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PIO NOCK: "Circus World" (1964)

Another video uploaded to YouTube by Sandy Weber, this time it's Pio Nock's scenes from the John Wayne film CIRCUS WORLD.

This from Sandy...

Your recent post of Pio Nock reminded me that I have footage of him
from the movie Circus World (which I'm sure you have seen). I have
cut all of his scenes into one clip and uploaded my first YouTube
video - Hurrah!!

This includes the scenes where he doubled for Richard Conte on the
highwire. I remember seeing his act when he appeared on Ringling and
it was just as thrilling (and funnier) seeing him perform live over a
tiger's cage as it appears on film. We also get to see him doing a
funny plate smashing routine. Do you happen to know the name of the
white face clown appearing with him?


Just received from Marcelo Melison...

Hello Pat:
The whiteface appearing with Pio Nock is one of Grock's former partners, Max Van Emden (sometimes spelled "Van Embden").
Marcelo PEPPO Melison.

Thanks Marcelo!


Anonymous said...

wow this is great to see.

it is a litlle strange to see pio in other make up.
but you could tell its him because you can hear him do his juchzer ( alpen yell) a few times)

and the white face is Max von Emden

Von Emden has been also long time a partner with Grock.

after that he teamed up with pio.

when he died pio took his son in law Mario as his new partner

there is a great website with lots of pictures in his honour


Anonymous said...

In Britain the movie was called "The Magnificent Showman".
Indeed Mario Cortes (Pio's son-in-law) was his white-face at the end of Pio's working life.
In due course, Mario became ringmaster/speaker for Circus Nock in Switzerland. He decided to retire at the end of the 2001 season, and I'm told that nobody pleaded with him to change his mind!