Friday, November 02, 2007


I may be wrong but I think that my pal Bryan Fulton (who killed at the recent Happy Tiandu AEMI World Clown Festival) may be the only professional clown in America performing the classic table rock act.

Here he is folks, as taught by Mitch Freddes and performed in honor of folks like Dime Wilson, Dick Lewis and Bumpsy Anthony, here's the one and only Bryan Fulton performing his table rock on Ringling Red as an emergency stretch gag one day when there was trouble putting up the tiger cage...


Anonymous said...

I recall old time table rocker "Tony Ridola"'

justlarry said...

this is actually from Knoxville Tn in March 2001.
Bello had fallen when coming down from the Moterbike on the wire.
He got hurt pretty bad, so We (the greatest clowns on earth) got to do what we do best, perform!
Bryan "Rocked" the second half of the show with this.
It was the replacement of Bello's Sway Pole.
next week Bello was back in the show in Norfolk Virginia

(circus nerd for life!)