Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Circus Scandinavia reports that Konrad Thurano has passed away. Thurano was quite likely the oldest active circus artist in the world, continuing to perform his comic low wire act at the age of 97. Konrad died quietly in his home without any warning. The funeral took place in Denmark in Birkende church November 28th. at 11:00.


Raffaele De Ritis said...

One of the last performances of Thurano in video have been posted on my blog on his death's day:

Anonymous said...

my condoleance for john john ( his partner in the act) his son and the family.

big respect for this artist.
what he did at his age is incredible:
he still could pull himselve up with only two fingers on the steel wire.

truly unique.

this is a big loss especially for the varietes were he used to work a lot the last few years ( he word at apollo and all the other theaters owned by bernhard paul)

Anonymous said...

What an inspiration to all of us! I have passed on the information about this amazing person to friends and others in the circus community. We should all follow Konrad Thurano lead and be inspired to take good care of our bodies and train hard--not letting age hold us back...or down I should say!

Rachel Stegman