Wednesday, January 30, 2008

OLEG POPOV: with Zviaginy, 1953

Oleg Popov with trampoline artist Zviaginy from the film ARENA SMELYKH (which was titled DARING YOUTH CIRCUS or RING OF DARING in the US) released in 1953.

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Anonymous said...

this is footage of popov early in his career.

he is there only clowning for a year or two.

before he had a juggling act on the slack wire.

how can you see its early in his career ( well the date of course but aside that): his wellknown looks arent there.

his typical nose isnt there, his typical make comes about five years later and he uses his own natural blond hair.

his typical black velvet jacket and blue striped pants are also of a later date.

he is still developing his character there.

its very rare footage because theres almost nothing left from the beginning of his career.

so even he doent performs much in this video itsd interesting.

because you can see how he had an evolution in his make up costume and character