Thursday, March 27, 2008

CHARLIE RIVEL: El Payaso y el Führer

And here's Charlie portrayed in a new film.

This looks about as historically accurate as a movie on the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand starring Johnny Knoxville, Coolio and the Rockettes but I'd still like to see it anyway.

Why is it that they went to great lengths to get Charlie Rivel's look down while missing the mark entirely on the other clowns and the sets? It's not like there aren't photos around that would show you what a circus and a clown in Germany would have looked like in 1944.

Was Rivel even in Germany by '44? I'm pretty sure that he'd been forced to make Akrobat Schoon and then taken his family and fled long before that.

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Anonymous said...

This is fascinating.I'd known of Rivel's career in Nazi Germany, but only through "Acrobat Schoooon".I had been curious about the moral implications threof, but It's hard to find any information.