Tuesday, March 25, 2008

JOE (VANI) SHERMAN: Funeral Arrangements

Received from Andrew Haase...

Hello Mr. Cashin

I am the funeral director handling the Funeral arrangements for Mr. Vani and I had seen on your blog you were looking for information about arrangements.

The visitation is on Sunday from 3pm until 6Pm at the Haase-Derrick-Lockwood Funeral Home 620 Legion Dr. Twin Lakes, WI. The Funeral will be held on Monday March 31 at 10am at St. Alphonsus Church in New Munster, WI.

The family has asked that if you could please post this info on your blog it would be greatly appreciated. Also if there are any other blog or web pages that you know of to help get the message out pertaining to Joseph's passing please forward the info to them.

If there is any other info you would need please contact me by phone at 262-206-1269.

PLEASE repost this anywhere and everywhere that you think that Joe's friends and fans might see it!

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Anonymous said...

I am going to go talk to Joe on Sunday if anybody has any messages let me know. Sad, Sad deal. I won't be going to the funeral Monday though. I don't care for them. I went to my father's in 1976, and thought maybe I would try one more when Gunther died. That's it for me. I don't need to go to any more.
Best wishes,
Wade Burck