Thursday, April 24, 2008


Photo courtesy of Jonathan "Mitch" Freddes

John Russell (mostly clothed) and Mitch Freddes (mostly not) backstage on the Ringling Red Unit.

I'd imagine that it was taken no later than 1977 from the beautiful Bill Ballantine drum head in the foreground.


Anonymous said...

John Russel!!!
Great to see that image of him. We worked with John in Holland Village Japan for 6 months. Great stilt walker... he used to make these high quality, aluminum stilts... Russ-Sticks, I think they were called. From what I understand, he taught stilts a Clown College for a while?...
Thanks for posting that one...
If you read this blog at all... hey John.
Steve aka Alfredo Fettucini

nancy said...

The 2 months that John was in japan, he was dating me in NYC. Of course then we didnt, when he got back.
So sorry Mitch, another one for john!
hey John, nancy in NYC