Thursday, July 24, 2008


Daring, unimaginable feats accomplished with genuine style.


Anonymous said...

When Feld brought him to Ringling after that walk, I do not believe he was a big deal and that he fell off the wire on Ringling and was injured. He did not have any act, so to speak.

Pat Cashin said...

I don't mean that the circus needs Philipe Petite's act, I mean that the circus needs more of the kind of moxie and audacity required to pull off something like the World Trade Center walk.

Someone needs to scale the Statue of Liberty, hanglide off of Mt. Rushmore or put a clown nose on the Lincoln Memorial.

What a minute... a clown nose on the Lincoln Memorial???

I like the sound of that!

Anonymous said...

moxy? is that what the circus needs? I think the circus has plenty of moxy, those act people put their lives on the line more than once a day and way too many people have have fallen on "simple" acts. what does the circus need? some showmanship in the form of directors and an higher ups would help a lot and maybe some new costumes that actually sparkel those sequins are so old you can't even see them. details, details thats what makes a great show.

Anonymous said...

oh and some money into the show instead of putting the money in pockets that have more than their share .