Wednesday, November 26, 2008

JOHNNY PEERS: The Big Apple Circus, 1992

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Johnny Peers and his Muttville Comics from The Big Apple Circus' 1992 production, Goin' Places.

I believe he is assisted here by fellow Clown College grad Peggy O'Neill.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

Personal Observation:
Johnny's act was never better than when Peggy was in it, she just fit.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is Peggy working the act with Johnny.

I always loved working on a show with Johnny. He is non stop energy the entire time he is in that ring.

I once worked a date in Ohio with him, where the producer buried him deep in the second half of the show. Johnny came out and did a solid 23 minutes, and rocked the house. The producer then came to me and told me to have johnny cut, becuse it was too long for a dog act. My response was, "the audience was pumped up so much after that act, they stayed around right through to the end of finale...and then spent money on their way out...why would you cut that?"

-Dan McCallum