Tuesday, August 04, 2009

ARY CORAZON: Circo Atayde


Anonymous said...

Totally ripped off by magician Ed Alonzo I dont like it when other performers rip off other bits oh and btw did I mention I hate clowns with whistles

Anonymous said...

and Ed Alonso ripped it off from...... soooo many other clowns.
This is a more modern version of a classic that is called the beerbarrel.

the clowns have a small barel and a liquid runs out: they taste and they like it. But they are discussing what it is.
the open the barrel and a smal dog is inside.

This gag is veeeeeeeery old. Les Fratellinis did it and possible it was already known before.

know it is still performed in original form by "the Balders" who learned the gag from their grandfather.

So Ary Corazon just addapted a classic with the robot and mexicanised it with the chihuahua.

Anonymous said...

Actually probably from Magician Rudy Coby who, I think, invented "Nikki Terminator" first.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the "Beer Barrel" bit done in a vaudeville/burlesque setting as a liquer salesman...the blow off being the line- "Is that Scotch?....no Pekinese", as he pulls the small dog out of the satchel.

I've also seen it done by European clowns with a St. Bernard dog and the little barrel of booze they carry. The blow off was the clown unscrewing the barrel lid and the little dog pops out.


Steve Copeland said...

For Christ's sake, somebody throw a pie!