Tuesday, August 11, 2009

JOE VANI SHERMAN: From Arte Bausman


Thanks for running Bill's photo of the Shermans. Joe Vani has been gone over a year now.

I was recently reconnected with a girl I knew in high school. She was my magic assistant. 

In the process of catching up, she mentioned that she had worked for the Greenville, Ohio newspaper as a reporter. She said that one of her fondest memories was when she got to kiss a clown at the circus. I've attached a copy of the photo. It was taken in 1981. 

She had no way of knowing at that time that I knew the clown she was kissing in the photo. When she showed me the photo, I looked at it, laid it down, rolled up my sleeve and showed her my tattoo of Joe. We've been dating ever since!

Thanks for all you do;
Arte Bausman

PS: I think the other two in the photo are George Jr. and Vicky Hanneford.


mr. lee said...

georgie and Cathy hanneford

John said...

It's said that it's a small world (although I still wouldn't want to paint it!) The best way to meet that special somebody is to let it happen naturally. It may be a long wait, mind you.
Clearly you hit lucky, Arte.