Thursday, October 08, 2009

BELLO NOCK: Skywalk at Lincoln Center


David Carlyon said...

Does this self-proclaimed New Yorker not know how to pronounce the name of the prominent former New York mayor, Ed Koch, whose name adorns the theater Bello walked from? It's pronounced "kotch." OR should we assume that, as a New Yorker AND a clown, he got all trickster-like and went for the joke, calling it the "cock" theater? He did show a little grin after he said it.

David Carlyon said...

See what happens when I try to get all smart and everything? I become a smart aleck. This theater is NOT named for controversial NYC mayor Ed Koch, but for a philanthropist named Donald Koch. Though Donald Koch also pronounces his name "kotch,"not all New Yorkers would know that. So maybe the faux-ish New Yorker ain't Bello but me. I hang my head in shame (for a New York minute).