Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Who is this? Big Bird?!? AH-HA! This bird is not big at all! In reality you have been fooled yet again by the incomparable Mr. James Roane Cashin, newborn master of disguise and "Baby of 1,000 Faces".

Call the Sesame Workshop and let them know that when Carroll Spinney is ready to retire J-Ro is ready, willing and more than able to fill his fleece-covered, three toed shoes!

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David Carlyon said...

I'm sorry, Mr. P. Cashin. It must be acknowledged readily that all the other pictures have shown Mr. J. Cashin's phenomenal mastery of disguise, fooling one and all. However, I have to say that I spotted him immediately in this particular disguise. No one else wears a hat as stylishly as does our Mr. — may I call him Dr.? — J.