Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CLOWN ALLEY: Reggie Montgomery & Michael Karp

In reference to yesterday's photo, our pal Mr. Karp replied...

Oh brother, Mr. Cashin! Where the heck did you dig that up?

As I recall, this was a "utility" walk around that Reggie and I did on a kind of on-and-off-basis...much as we did a come-in gag for a while...(Reggie switched with Louie DeJesus for that one....)

As I recall, I stood before the audience and mimed that I was about to perform a magic trick of some sort...I had a few that were really, really lame....As I reacted to the audience's lack of appreciation, Reggie stepped forward, and pulled a pinwheel out from under a silk...He worked it so it looked like a trick.

As the audience applauded him, I kicked him, and he chased me to the next stop...
upset that Reggie was clearly the better magician!

All this is recalled terribly imperfectly... Reggie was a great guy.

And Dougie???? Standing there judgemental and snide, ready to top us the moment we moved on--which, of course, brilliant performer that he was, he did!

(My face is caked with dust from nosing around the memories of the Ancient World!)

It was great seeing that photo, Pat...and an honor to be referred to as "our pal"...
Talk to you soon...


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