Monday, November 23, 2009

JOHN HADFIELD: Robot Monkey Head

Hi Pat!

My new music video is finally complete. You'll recognize 4 Clown College grads in it. Wanted to give you a special sneak preview - we're releasing it later today!

Talk to you soon,
John H

In the remote underground laboratory of a mad scientist, a man in a shiny suit steals the head of a robot monkey. A wild chase scene on bicycles ensues - the man and the monkey head pursued by the scientist and his hunchback assistant.

Meanwhile, the headless robot monkey escapes from the lab and wreaks havoc through the town searching for his head. An angry group of townspeople with torches and pitchforks chases him to the edge of town, where he figuratively comes face to face with the man in the shiny suit. After a brief struggle, the head is returned to its rightful owner.

Or is it...

Robot Monkey Head
Copyright 2006 John Hadfield
and Geri Smith

John Hadfield - John Hadfield
Mad Scientist - Rich Potter
Hunchback Assistant - Chris Shelton
Police Officer - Mark Manniso
Woman with Broom - Wendy Lapham
Headless Monkey - Bill Champion
Stunt Monkey - John Hadfield
Monkey Head - Hilton
Girls walking dogs -
Julia Russ & Julia Bosso
Dogs - Kenny and Ozzie
Little Boy - Rohan Mandayam

Angry Mob -
Bill Champion
Rosella Champion
Julie Hadfield
Carolyn Bitzer
Suraj Mandayam
Sandy Urban
Chris Shelton
Rich Potter

Executive Producer - John Hadfield
Producer and Director - Nic Beery

Additional Music
Jay Manley

Nic Beery &
Ismail Abdelkhalek

Caterer - Wendy Lapham

Produced for John Hadfield by

Special thanks to Nic Beery and Ismail Abdelkhalek

No real monkeys were harmed in the filming of this video

More about John Hadfield, Robot Monkey Head music and merchandise can be found at:

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