Tuesday, December 08, 2009

IN MEMORIAM: David Berman (1956-2009)

How short and precious life really is.

Yesterday I saw an email that made reference to a small plane crash just outside of Tampa. Within the article I saw a name that I knew, and my heart sank.

Dave Berman was my juggling instructor in Clown College, as well as a friend for many more years following my circus days. He was a full-time performer for many years, and then decided to settle into Sarasota, Florida, as a UPS driver. Some years back he took up flying, and purchased a small plane, flying it successfully many times.

Witnesses said they heard sputtering as the plane was taking off yesterday, and the plane then nosedived to the ground, flipping onto its top. When rescuers arrived on the scene, both people in the plane were pronounced dead. Dave was only a couple of years older than me.
- Don Bursell

Clown College photo from 1982
John Hadfield, Dave Berman, Tricia Manuel, Cathy Balan
(Photo courtesy of John Hadfield)

David Harry Bermam

April 23, 1956 - Nov. 29, 2009

David Harry Berman, 53, of Sarasota, formerly of E. Patchogue, N.Y., and Hamden, Conn., died Nov. 29, 2009.

Services will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Toale Brothers Funeral Home, Colonial Chapel.

Survivors include his wife of 25 years, Nancy; a daughter, Sarah A., and a son, Timothy A., both of Sarasota; father, Alden Berman of New Haven, Conn.; a sister, Susan Berman, and brother, Dean Berman, both of New Haven; and a brother, Keir Berman of Henniker, N.H.

To meet Dave you would see that he lived life with passion and perfection about everything. His life is countless stories of experiences and adventures.

In 1978 he rode across the United States on a unicycle. In 1982 he met his wife, Nancy, at R.B.B.&B. Clown College. He traveled with the Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey and Clyde Beatty - Cole Bros. Circus. Then he started a juggling act that traveled on Carnival Cruise and Disneyland.

He decided to settle down in Sarasota to start a family. His adventures had just started. He worked for U.P.S. for 20+ years. He had 1,100 skydives under his belt, had a pilots license and owned his own plane. He loved working on cars, word puzzles, sewing, learning anything new (not one thing that he would not try and succeed... well maybe singing). He had an amazing wealth of knowledge. He was a wonderful father, dedicated friend, best friend and husband.

Dave will be missed and my hope is that you will experience life (like Dave) and not let it pass you by.


Anonymous said...

No words describe hearing of this news today while doing a web search for old friends...

tom 'weasel' weiss

rmalerba said...

My heart cries also. I have been looking for David for years. We were best friends and I did him wrong. I missed him and finally found him and now it is to late. If someone from his family would like to contact me I will tell you of our past. We were best friends. I'm so sad. Rob. Rpmalerba@gmail.com

Carol said...

I'm in shock.... I had been David's girlfriend before he met Nancy. We broke up on good terms and were friends after he got married. I had been talking to friends about David and decided to search his trip across the country and saw that he passed. I still can't believe it.

rmalerba said...

Hi Carol. I was trying to locate you also. Very sad about David. I did locate his wife and she is as wonderful and special as David was. Please keep in touch. Rpmalerba@ gmail.com
I found a journal from 1980 and learned I remembered wrong and I never did do David wrong. We parted as friends and just lost touch. His son hold me Dave did talk of me. I miss him. :(