Saturday, January 02, 2010

CLOWN ALLEY: Ringling Red Unit (1979)

Photos courtesy of Gigi Paul and Jeri Cannon

Lou Jacobs about to pass under the net, Jim Vogelsang headed down the track, Bucky Dussel passing him with what looks like a stack of cups and saucers and Jonathan "Mitch" Freddes about to take a seat on the track in front of Ring Three.

FUN FACT: There are more clowns on end track in this photo then there has ever been on the Gold Unit.

Mitch in distress down front with Mike Oster about to pass behind.

Jonathan "Mitch" Freddes sporting an early version of "The Donald".

And just who is this glamorous young rockstar, you might ask? Eric Carmen of the Raspberries? Paul McCartney and Wings' guitarist, Denny Laine? Bowie sideman Mick Ronson? Seals? Croft? Mott? A Hoople? Some extraneous Bay City Roller? No!

Folks, this is the one and only Mr. Mitch Freddes.
That's right everybody, once upon a time our pal Mitch was a world-class chick magnet.
And don't you forget it!

Guinness World Record holder, John Russell and Guinness drinker, Mitch Freddes.


Jonathan Mitch Freddes said...

Thank you pat for the pictorial.Thae first picture is the walkaround before the flying act which traditionaly was the last act in those days. I dont know when that changed maybe 80s somewhere. I remember one day one of the floor plates let loose and hit uncle soapy in the mouth cracking a few teeth. That was a dangerous time because we were on the track when they were puling the pulley blocks I dont even think the young clowns even understand the reason for walkarounds much less what they are. I had alot of fun back then. I not only attracted chicks , But a few of the boys liked me too! More about that later.Thanks again for all you do with your blog and a Happy new year to all. Mitch

A Fettucini Brother said...

Loved seeing that photo of John Russell. I spent 6 months working with him in Holland Village in Nagasaki Japan. Fun and crazy guy. Anyone in touch with him these days?

Anonymous said...

Mitch wrote the chick magnet part himself, right?