Thursday, January 07, 2010


Probably the best promotional video that I've ever seen for a clown doing fair shows. Mr. Thumond really knows his market and expertly tailored this video specifically for its total domination.

Nice job!




Thanks for the accolades. Very much appreciated. Hopefully we can get together soon. Have a great 2010 season!
Joey, Jamie, & Tyler Thurmond

Anonymous said...

his makeup is DREADFUL!!!!!!!!

Pat Cashin said...

No, I would not say "dreadful" at all.

There are mistakes that Ringling Clown College students were taught to avoid, but that's not a fair comparison to make. He didn't attend that program.

When compared against hometown and Shrine clowns, I'd say that his makeup is very well applied and the only technical design flaw would be the color on his upper lip.

But let's look at the positives... he's got a great set, nice props and he seems to really hit home with his audiences and please his clients who will then hire him back.

And that's exactly what he wants.

Aquick check of his site shows that he's pretty solidly booked for the whole year.

There are several other guys on the fair circuit who look like they put their makeup on with their feet.

Trust me, NoJoe is FAR from dreadful.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you posted great compliments about this gentleman and his family. They do tons for the clowning society. If you ever want to meet someone who is willing to help any stranger that they can Joey is the man. I have seen him perform, sign autographs, and then invite complete strangers into his motorcoach to talk clowning. His shows are top notch and he really takes care of his fans above and beyond.

Adam G said...

I agree with Pat. This is a guy who knows his market, and really delivers exactly what they want.

His makeup is relatively standard.