Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Can someone with a stronger grasp of French please click the title of this post and explain to me what is going on? I've run the page through the Babelfish translation software and it comes back with text that is largely intelligible.

I think they are saying that there are upcoming live performances and a screening of Yoyo.


Anonymous said...

This performance is the comeback of Pierre Etaix (Yoyo) on stage. He comes with his partners and pays tribute to circus, clowning and jazz.
Pierre Etaix is a subtle clown between the Auguste's naivety and the Whiteface's poetry.
The title of this show means : "Butterfly's Music". It's a French wordplay... We have an expression with a butterfly which signify "looking forward to something".

Philippe Héran

BAMBOUK said...

We need your help.
If you wish to join us or simply show your support for the new live show Miousik Papillon by Pierre Etaix.
Here's how you can help:
Spread the word (click here)
Join the group (click here)
Give us money (click here or here)
Thank you.

(this is approximate, but preserves the idea)

Anonymous said...

Dear Bambouk,
By a curious coincidence, I agree.
Pierre Etaix has many financial problems for the diffusion of his films and his show.
Spread this word
Join the group
Give him money


jt said...

He's done this stage show in Bordeaux, wants to mount it in Paris, is seeking funds. See: