Monday, March 08, 2010

FROSTY LITTLE: In Our Thoughts

Word has reached us here in Barcelona that Master Clown Glen "Frosty" Little has suffered a broken hip from a fall recently and that I would hope that everyone will take a moment to remember him in their thoughts and keep him in your prayers.

If anyone would like to send a note to Frosty and Pat we can collect them here in the comments and I will forward them when I get home.


Unknown said...

Frosty, Here is a Florida Get well from Randy Yarborough and from the Florida State University Flying High Circus staff and cast.

Ellyn Rose said...

I first saw the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey circus in 1969. (I was nine years old then.)

...and you were there.

...and you stood out, although the show was a wonder, a place/time/thing outside of any reality I had ever known. You were a wonder within the wonder, a being of the fantastic, in a world of the fantastic.

...and funny, very funny.

...and nearly every year there after 1969 in Providence, or Boston, I saw the circus again, and I looked for you.

You meant something to me then, and you mean something to me, now.

...and although now my joints, (although not so much as yours right now) are far more tender than my age, and although I understand you to be of real life, you means something to me now.

Fantastic means more now. For all the experiences, and all the understanding that life has given.

You lightened my life, and you brought it joy, and you have become more in time in the understanding of your humanity-as well as in the appreciation of your skills.

I wish you a quick recovery, and a life filled with the joy you gave so many others, like me.

All the best,

Ellyn Rose Acord

Anonymous said...

Dear Frosty, You were the first genuine Clown portrait that I ever did, at the Felix Adler "Sugarfest" in NJ. You were incredibly nice, standing there with a cup of coffee in one hand and a plate filed with cake in the other so I could take your picture. The last time I saw you was at the CFA convention in Maryland some years ago, another very wonderful experience.
I will never forget those wonderful times seeing you in and out of the ring. Heal well, heal fast, caring thoughts are with you.

Paul Gutheil

Mary "Molly Anne" Sanders said...

Hope you feel better soon, Frosty!

Many hugs,
Molly Anne
Raleigh, NC