Monday, March 08, 2010


Greg DeSanto and I arrived in Barcelona yesterday, safe and sound, and spent today sharing classic clown videos with the students.

We have a GREAT group of very interesting international students here.

It started snowing for the first time in years here just after lunch. By the time we had finished for the day word came down that, with five inches of snow, the roads were clogged for 4 hours in all directions and train service has stopped.

So we are waiting it out and hoping that the trains will start running again in a few hours. If not, we have rooms booked for us in the area. The students are delighted to have more time to play and hang out.

I´m about ready for a nap ; )

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RC said...

Greg brought the snow from Baraboo and you from the east coast , how funny! Just was in Baraboo and saw Karen for an instant and Happy too! Cant wait fro the return this summer. Will you be up there anytime?