Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BERNHARD & ELIANA PAUL: Polar Bears, Circus Roncalli (2010)

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Anonymous said...

wonderfull to see Bernhard Paul back in the ring.
he only needs to come in and the audience aplauds like crazy!

there is a story behind these animals:he announced the polar bears well in advance: you can guess what happened animal activist were raging mad: what polar bears in a circus: NO WAY!!
and they took pics with the three bears.

what they didnt tell the press these are veeeery special animals:
very heavy and warm animal costumes , very lifelike because on the pictures the whole press believed it!
in on of the costumes is daughter vivien ( verypretty girl: a shame to cover her with a bearhead). The bears can see with the help of a camera and a screen in the head.
the costumes are specially made and pretty expensive.

before they did this with hippos: but they were obviously more fake.