Sunday, May 23, 2010


After the ribbon was cut...

It was time for the throwing out of the first pie. The selected recipient was Mr. Pete Premo, President of the Baraboo Chamber of Commerce.

The Maestro winds up...

And POW... right in the kissah!

Our pie shell was supplied by our pal Jeffrey "Bungles" Potts. If you'd like to get one just like it, please visit his website by clicking here.


Rik Gern said...

I'm glad to see that the ICHOF was christened in style! Congratulations, and keep those pictures coming!

John Goodall said...

Boy, was I lucky to be seated at the "important table" at the banquet for the opening of the new season at Circus World Museum. My fellow guests were Pat Cashin, Karen and Greg DeSantos. The most exciting thing was Karen announced that she was available for Mayor of Baraboo. Our table of 8 supported her.

When asked how much other support she could expect, I assured that being from Chicago, I could deliver
at least two steamer trunks with ballots in support of her election. Let's hear it for Karen.

Pat Cashin said that being from New Jersey, he was concerned about the validity of my offer.

The jury is out. GOT KAREN!!!. I will not have the posters printed until later. Great seeing you guys.

Jeff said...

My press is ready!