Saturday, October 09, 2010


The gentleman that follows Denny Willis & Hunting Quartet performing  'The Fox has left his lair' is clown Walter Galetti performing verbally, without makeup or his trademark bounding rope.


Anonymous said...

sorry, but this has nothing do with Walter Galetti.
This is a tv show from the late 60's in Holland and the hosts are two dutch singer willy alberti and his daughter.
The verbal commedy is only deliverd by Dutch artist: two gentlemen who sing first are well known as "the mounties".
The guy you think is Walter Galetti is Wim Sonneveld.famous in Holland for his one man shows with funny conferances and songs.
He looks a bit like Galetti thats true.

Pat Cashin said...

I was going by what the person who posted it to YouTube had claimed. I have no idea what Galetti looked like out of makeup when he was younger, I just have some photos from a few years ago from a website.

Did Galetti do a lot of television out of makeup?

Anonymous said...

I also know only his recent pics.
But i'm sure this is Sonneveld and not Galetti.I know Sonneveld a long time ( now dead) and also this tv show.

never seen anything of him on tv that wasnt his clownact on the wire.

He does childrens puppet theatre and him speaking perfect Dutch in a Dutch show...... ?????