Thursday, March 17, 2011


Every year for St. Patrick's Day I post information on Irish history with a particular focus on the horrors of the Irish Holocaust at the hands of Oliver Cromwell. No one ever seems to care.

So here's the Muppets. Enjoy...

If you're interested in something other than potato famine jokes, leprechauns, green beer and drunken brawls in the vomit-soaked streets after a dull-as-dishwater bagpipe parade, read last year's post.


Ellyn Rose Acord said...

I've shared your post from last year with several people. It taught me a good deal and it taught them a good deal.

...and I'm hoping it will stay longer with them than the effects of green beer.

Happy St. Patrick's day.

cigars said...

Howdy I shared your posts as well Am Irish American as well and had no idea please with the daily lama and other topics you bring a lot of info along with good clown info

Thank you!!!!