Friday, March 18, 2011



John said...

I doubt it's Knie, certainly not by the size of the ring. For years, this duo has been with Cirkus Royale in Switzerland.

Gary Brophy said...

This video was taken in Circus Conelli and also in Circus Royal.

Gary Brophy
Circus Sunrise

John said...

earlier today i was told that these 2 will be with Circus Nock in Switzerland this year. They must have a bike!

Anonymous said...

yes that is true teh are in Nock. Royal they have been for 8 years; A year or two Conelli and this season Nock.
They also apear in winter circus a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, yes it is true we are the circus Nock year. and we also preserve 8 years at the Royal Circus and in winter the circus Conelli, and even 8 years.
We have also 3 years participated in a dinner show. Greetings to all the clown Roli