Monday, April 18, 2011


From ICHOF Executive Director Greg DeSanto...

We were just given a box of comedy gold! We were handed a box of VHS tapes, donated to help raise funds for our outreach programs. These video tapes that need a good home and are all commercially released VHS tapes, not TV dubs or DVD's.

They are:

I Love Lucy-Lucy the Clown

The Best of Barney Fife (six tapes)
The Love God- Don Knotts
The Lucy Show collector's Editions (5 tapes)
Stan Without Ollie Vol. 1 (Stan Laurel solo films)
Curse of the Pink Panther
The Big Show 1961 (circus movie starring Ester Williams)
The Hustler (Paul Newaman & Jackie Gleason)
W.C. Fields-World's Funniest Man (collection of his Mack Sennett shorts)
Red Skelton-Getting Personal (Red on a Canadian talk show from the mid 80's)
A Classic Christmas on the Ed Sullivan Show (lots of variety acts)
Izzy & Moe (Jackie Gleason & Art Carney)
Rings Around the World (circus movie from the early 60's, Gunther, Francesco clowns)
Sally of the Sawdust (WC Fields silent movie set in a circus)
Slapstick Encyclopedia Complete Set, Vol. 1-8. Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, Langdon, Laurel & Hardy

Interested in any of the above? E-mail us at for more info!

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