Thursday, April 29, 2021

24 Hours in the Life of a Clown Trailer

This past weekend I signed up for the Criterion Channel, and one of the pleasant surprises I found was this short film from 1946 about a day in the life of Aristodemo Frediani, better known as Beby.
Beby was partnered for many years with Antonet.
At the time of the filming he is seen performing with his new partner, Maïss, at the Cirque Medrano in Paris, which was a filming location for Fellini's, I Clowns, and also where Buster Keaton performed in the 1940s.

It isn't ground breaking cinema, but it was a fun look at two real clowns of that era. The Criterion Channel offers a two week free trial, and the film is only 18 minutes long, so......

(Also, the film has English subtitles even though the trailer does not)

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