Thursday, June 28, 2007

GEORGE CARL: Home Movie Footage

George Carl around the mid-1950's playing in the yard with his wife and brother, somewhere in Ohio.

If you thought George Carl was amazing before, sit down and make yourself REALLY comfortable before you watch this.



Anonymous said...

GREAT stuff! What a incredible talent and funny man.Would have loved to be at those backyard parties! And great music, does anyone know what the name of those pieces are?

Some of those moves with his wife in which they get tangled up with their hands remind me of Walter Dare Wahl & Johhny Trama's act. They appeared in vaudeville for years did tons of early television like Ed Sullivan and Milton Berle, and the act was captured on film in Variety Girl where they perform it with Betty Hutton and Top Bannana where it's done with Phil Silvers.



Wow-- Really fantastic footage.
Was his brother in George's act, or did he have an act of his own?

Most of the footage of George I've seen is when he's been old-- I never knew what an incredible acrobat he was. The forward handsprings ending with a handstand and the standing back flip with a biryani were amazing!

Unknown said...

I love you for posting this stuff up Patrick! It's fantastic. I love it all. What phenomenal footage. Thank you.
Kirk. p.s. Hope you're well.