Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BEATTY-COLE: Mark Lavender

Clown College graduate (Class of '75) and veteran of the RBBB Blue Unit Alley in 1976 and the CBCB Alley in 1978, Mr. Mark Lavender.

Mark sent me a message trying to find contact info for former Beatty-Cole Boss Clown Jimmy James and then show electrician Bernie Kallman. I've already forwarded Bernie's email to him but if someone out there has a phone number or email address for Jimmy, Mark would sure appreciate it.

From Mark...
When I was on Beatty in 1978, I met Nini and Ervin Hall, where Nini greenbroke her mixed breed female baboon act. She and brother Ervin, along their siblings Jimmy and Carmen were the Unicycling Whiz Kids of the 1950s and 1960s. Anyway, Nini and I grew to be good buds on the show and lost track of each other three years after that show. We found each other again about four years ago, and after two and half years of catch-up and courtship over the phone we then met, she moved to Nashville... and we got married this past April 28th... 29 years to the week from the very first time we'd met.... (short engagements, eh?)

Congratulations go out to you and Nini! What a great story!

Having had the pleasure of working alongside Jimmy, Teppa (sp?), Elaine (and her fiance Adam Burke) and Ervin these last few years I can say that you've certainly married into a large and wonderful family, and one that's about as "real circus" as they come.


justlarry said...

Ervin Hall and I where the clowns on Royal palace circus in 98.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

Long engagement,,,,Short engagement,,,,it's the marriage that counts. Just remember, "What's Forever For"