Thursday, July 05, 2007

DOUG ASHTON: Dancin' Ashton

Eccentric genius Doug Ashton dancing in a production number during his first season with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1967.

Mr. Ashton doesn't seem to be dancing along with the music from the show quite as much as he's dancing to the music in his own head, so I've replaced the soundtrack with the song "Fidgety Feet" by the Firehouse Five plus Four and added the applause that I think he deserves for such a performance.

He's doing everything a three ring circus clown SHOULD do during a production number! He's having fun, he's exciting to watch, he's playing with the showgirls on the track and keeping in the moment.

Which, unfortunately, is everything that management frowns on.

Look to the right of the screen for whiteface clown Dennis Stevens (performing the assigned dance steps while in drag) and to the left as Dougie is egged on by his longtime partner in crime Lazlo Donnert.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

When Dougie went on the Ringling Show I told him he wouldn't last because of his indiviuality, the same with Johnny Peers, they want everyone to be part of the chorus. The minute you start to show some initiatve, you're gone.

Mike Naughton said...

Hi Pat,
1. What GPS would you recommend?
2. This is the elephant production number BARNABY STREET, inspired by the famous English thoroughfare. Perhaps John Cooper can fill us rebels against the crown on the facts of this location.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the name of the number was CARNABY STREET after the Street in Britan which hosted the mod boutiques that featured clothing by such designers as Mary Quant--mini-skirts, etc...--that were the hallmark of the "Swinging Sixties..."
It was the theme of the bull number for the Ringling Show in 1968, if memory serves!
And Dougie was, as always, amazing...

Anonymous said...

My how times have be a clown with Kenny & nicole feld running the ringling ship these days would seem to be a hard pill to swallow.

Dougie left a legacy, as did Johny Peers as well as more than a few others over the years, but it seems all but impossible to be a unique individual on the floor anymore.


Mike Naughton said...

Oh yes, pardon me, it was Carnaby Street. We had a restaurant in town called Barnaby's, very nice, and it always reminded me of the Carnaby elephant number.

Was in a big rush to get out of the office to see Kelly Miller Circus here in upstate New York.

Had a fine time with many old friends.

Jennifer Nicole Walker filling in by presenting the mixed act for her mother, Laura, and doing a splendid job. Had the chance to chat with Laura via mobile phone and she sounds in great spirits.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the name of the thoroughfare was Carnaby Street.
But I'm far too young to be able to comment about its significance!!! (Oh dear! My nose has just got longer!)

John Cooper.