Saturday, July 07, 2007


I'm going to remain silent on this one.




GothamTomato said...

They resemble most married couples: They might benefit from therapy.

But I do like her costume.

Anonymous said...

Well.....they set a high standard of standardness

Anonymous said...

To me this is a skills display. the characters need to be stronger in order to be funny. we need to see more of whats going on in there head by way of expressions. also whats the relationship between the two clowns? I'm not sure because I don't think I saw it from the top, this would have an impact on how the clowns react.

Anonymous said...

At last we have found the perfect venue for mediocre jugglers--just slap on some clown make-up and voila!

Actually, their routine is just fine. They even had a nice exit trick. Tama would benefit by having some more make-up, as the nose looks like she just stuck it in place for this one number. I'll bet that she also does an acrobatic number out of make-up to supplement the income.


Anonymous said...

For me it's beautifully simple and fun. Not especially funny, but if it amuses the "real people" then that's what matters.