Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HAPPY KELLAMS: With Sonja Henie

A wire photo which appeared in the San Francisco Examiner in 1951:

"Ice Queen Sonja Henie is amused by the antics of clown Happy Kellams as she watches a Chicago circus performance. Sonja and her brother Leif flew from Hollywood to attend the opening performance of the Cole Bros. Circus, which they'd just bought in early spring of last year."

More surprising than the bad airbrush job that someone did on Happy's face is the news that Sonja Henie ownded the Cole show in it's last season?!?

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Anonymous said...

Pat: Wow! I too am surprised about Henie's owning Cole Bros. I remember selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door as a student in McAlester, Oklahoma, so I could attend a performance of Sonja Henie's Ice Revue in Oklahoma City in 1953 or '54. What a fantastic performer, even in her waning days on the ice.

Lane Talburt