Sunday, December 23, 2007

CIRCUS CIRCUS: Sophia Heidtman

Photos courtesy of Joel Heidtman

In the interest of full disclosure let me just say that I now have met, and am friends with, ALL of the performing Heidtman Family siblings (there is one non-performing brother, Zeppo Heidtman, that I have never met) and was very happy to receive these pictures and find that the proud Heidtman Family performing legacy looks to continue...

From Joel...


Sofia and I went to visit our friends at Circus Circus today, and she was invited up on the main stage with Huel Speight!

For those of you that haven't seen her recently, Sofia is the smallest of the three kids up there, wearing a red sweatshirt. (Sofia will be 5 next month).

Huel spun a ball on the first two kids fingers, starting with the biggest kid and then the middle one. Both kids kept the ball there for a few moments, then the ball fell to the ground and rolled away.

The crowd was really rooting for Sofia when it was her turn since she was the smallest, and not only did she manage to keep her hand steady enough for the ball to spin there for quite some time - she actually sensed when it was going to fall... AND SHE CAUGHT IT!!!

The crowd went NUTS!

So did I!

Unfortunately, my camera could not keep up with all the pictures I was trying to take, so I did not actually get a picture of her with the ball on her finger - but you can get the idea. In the last picture the crowd was cheering for her... and she loved it!

Thanks for letting me share.

Joel Heidtman

A very Merry Christmas to all the Heidtmans, the Smiths and the Heidtman-Smiths!


Anonymous said...

Huel Speight! One of the nicest people in the business! Do you have any close-up shots of Huel?

Rik Gern

Anonymous said...

That's my niece, Sophia !! Nice work. And I add to the comment that Huel is one great person and performer. I had the honor and pleasure of sharing a track gag with him back on the 127th Edition of the Big Show. Very cool ... I can still hear Jon Weiss shouting, "Hurl the Pearl, where you from?" and Huel would say, "The Orient, man. I'm from the Orient."

Happy Holidays, All !!

Cap'n Mike Heidtman
Myrtle Beach, SC

Anonymous said...

About four months ago I bought a pair of shoes from Wayne Scott’s sons that were made for a clown from Circus Circus. I am almost as big as Huel so I bet that I have the shoes that were made for him. I would never claim to be able to fill his shoes, and they are a little loose, but I have put them to good use at the International Market World here in Florida. I haven’t made much money in the twenty shows that I’ve had the pleasure to perform in, but I got a bunch of laughs.

Merry Christmas

Little John