Tuesday, December 25, 2007


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well merry christmas for everyone and a fantastic cheerfull mak'm laugh 2008!!

Today I saw movie the greatest show on earth.

it was on arte and in french but it is great!!!

actually it is a document of the circus of the past.

you see the specs and parades with lots of animals, lots of people.
animal acts with 50 horses and 20 elephants.

things you don't see anymore today
and most important along james stewart playing patoche you see the great clowns.

lou jacobs is featured with his act, but emmet kelley you see the most and otto griebling also.

further seen: jimmy briscoe, prince paul, felix adler....

very strange scene to see: rehearsel in winter quarters: the clowns are rehearsing out of costume but in full make up.

strange to see Lou jacobs in clown face but plain clothes.

And know I know why Lou Jacobs daughter is called Dolly

films as this one make the holidays even better!!