Thursday, December 27, 2007


Featured clown of the new edition of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Blue Unit and 2007 Felix Award winner, Mr. Tom Dougherty.


Anonymous said...

Tom is not only a talented clown but a wonderful person as well! Best of luck to him in Ringling Bros. new show.

Anonymous said...

Oh what year was it, 1983 maybe? Tom came down to “The Ringling Park” in Florida to work with his partner Joe Wesson. Tom was here to produce; and that he did. His greatest accomplishment for us was a ballet, Joe was the star of course because he could almost flap his ears and fly. Too seldom were the times that I got a chance to clown with Tom’s improvisations; this was always in the park in a meet and greet situation, but I knew that I was in the presents of greatness. After seeing this clip I am so proud and jealous of course, after my 22 year intermission I lost a lot of ground.

Suga'Belle said...

Simple, funny and imaginative. I really liked this clip.