Saturday, December 29, 2007

WASHER WOMEN: Jay Stewart and Mike Smith

Video courtesy of Captain Mike Heidtman (actually it comes to us courtesy of Lara Heidtman-Smith, but we'll just say it was Captain Mike so that he can feel like he's a part of things)

My favorite contemporary version of the classic Washer Women Gag, as performed by Jay Stewart and Mike Smith at the recent Happy Tiandu AEMI World Clown Festival.

The background music is Jackie Wilson's "Baby Workout" and "Am I the Man".


Anonymous said...

Hey Pat,

I love ya, man but you gave me credit for this video and I'm never the one to take credit for someone elses work so ... this video was posted on youtube by my sister, Lara, Mike Smith's wife. You can see me in the video on the otherside of the vom curtain when Jay & Mike come through to make the bucket switch. And I love the reaction of the guy in the white shirt when he thinks he's going to get soaked - priceless. The Chinese folks sure loved Jay & Mike and rightfully so !!

Cap'n Mike
(who's sure Lara won't mind if I continue to get the credit for this video ...)

Dick Flint said...

Ah, but nothing will ever erase my memories of Eddie Dullum doing the washer woman gag on Beatty-Cole in the early sixties! An equally great water gag was the sprinkler routine that Grandma and Francesco did on Big Apple five years ago.
Pat, thanks for all the great clown material you share, both contemporary and historical. I learn so much--and get an extra laugh at realizing how much I still don't know!
Best wishes for the coming New Year!
Dick Flint