Thursday, March 20, 2008

FELIX ADLER AWARDS: Important Update!

After discussing it yesterday with several members of "The Academy" the decision has been made to change the name of the award for best duo, trio or ensemble from the PAUL JUNG AWARD to the CHESTER AND JOE SHERMAN AWARD.

THE PAUL JUNG AWARD will be re-instated next year for best gag.

The recent news about Joe's health and the fact that so many who have came before us have left without ever knowing how much of an impact their work has made on those of us that follow, I feel that it's really important to let Joe know this week how much he, Chester and ALL of the clowns of his generation have taught us.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Here's to Joe, Chester, Peluza, Charlie Cheer. Gene Randow, Rudy Docky, Al Ackerman,Johnny Cirillino, Abe Goldstein, Harold Hall, Walter Stimax, the Dewsbury's, Alfredo Landon, Charlie Frank, Chuck Sateja, John Toy and so many others who worked hard at their craft and may never appeared under the Ringling/Clyde Beatty names, but still are remembered by those of us who try to make em' laugh in a circus ring.


Anonymous said...

I have had the honor of knowing 8 of those wonderful individuals. Regardless of whether they are clown shoes or not, there's we some big ones to fill.
Talked to Joe's nephew this, morning, and Joe can not talk, but he can listen. Give him a call.
When I played Calif. Abey Goldstein used to stop by, and crash on my couch, for a couple of day's, just to smell IT and be around IT again. When my wife(who is now an ex-wife) objected, after a couple of day's of Abey "moving" in, as politely as I could, with no offense intended, I suggested I knew Abe long before I knew her, and she should just be quite and get him a sandwich. I love them all, these old time prankster's.
Wade Burck