Sunday, March 16, 2008


America's One-Ring Wonder, the Kelly-Miller Circus continues it's 2008 tour today with two shows in nearby Idabel, OK.

Showtimes at 2:00 and 4:30 PM.

Free cookhouse Tootsie Rolls to the first 10 patrons on the lot who can correctly identify the make of Wade Burck's hat ; )


Anonymous said...

If they are serving tootsie rolls for desert, I am under the impression that Tavana has retained Casey's talents as a chef. Have you tried his munudo? With tigers, pony sweep, and now cookhouse, that is close to the workload of GGW. Is it possible there is a new "Lord of the Rings" on the horizon? If he starts spinning floss, we might have a pretty strong argument for his case.
If you are looking for a hat to go with the god awful "european musical clown" costume, that you shamelessly tried to blame someone else for, no need to go all the way to Texas. Just stop at any PETRO and pick up one of those deal's with the pheasant feather hat band for 14.98. That should put you right up there with Tuff Hedeman and the PBR boys, in the macho cowboy division!!!!!
Be safe friend,
Wade Burck

24-HOUR-MAN said...

Charlie 1 Horse!!!!????

Anonymous said...

24 hour man,
That's right. Now share the tootsie rolls. David Allen Coe had my first one made for me in 1985. I think he was trying to soften me up, in an effort to find out who made my costumes. I told him unless he had a recent tetnus shot, he didn't want one. LOL