Sunday, June 01, 2008

CLOWN ALLEY: Ringling, Undated

Gene Lewis (foreground) and Billy Ward (background) making up in the Ringling Alley in a photo that could have been taken anywhere from the late 50s to the mid 60s.

Since the little clown is not yet in makeup and has his back to the camera I can't say for certain who it is, but I suspect that it may be Jackie Gerlic.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat: I won this photo on eBay, but alas! the seller had a roof leak and this photo was ruined. Too bad, as it's an unusual behind-the-scenes shot that you don't find very often...
Neil Cockerline
P.S. I know I still owe you a copy of another photo that I won on eBay. Unfortunately, I've been quite ill due to a transplanted organ rejection that I'm still trying to recover from. But don't worry, I'll send it out one of these days!