Saturday, July 12, 2008

LARRY HARMON: From Robin Shaw-Bickford

I spoke with Susan Harmon the day before the funeral, and she said to tell you thank you for the posting of the article on Larry. She appreciated it and said that he would have loved it. His daughters also said to say thanks.

Kevin and I attended the funeral, and it was just family and close friends at Mt. Sinai near Burbank, CA, on Monday, July 7, 2008. We will miss him. He was a friend, mentor, and employer of ours for a span of 21 years. Kevin was at Canobie Lake Park in Salem for a total of 11 years, and traveled around the world as Bozo representing Larry Harmon Pictures Corp., for all of those years. We loved him.

I can truly say that Larry Harmon was the most exuberant human being I have ever met. He loved life and his world, and felt blessed beyond belief, and he laughed all the time. And he always said hello to everyone he saw, and said something pleasant to them to make their day lighter and happier. No matter who, what, where or when. Stranger or friend. He always laughed with all of us, and it spread like wildfire. He was a good man, and a very funny man, a good spirit.

Susan and Marci say they plan to keep the company going like before, and to keep the characters out there in the world like Larry wanted them to do. So, no major changes.

Thanks for your note. We do appreciate your kindness.


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