Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The festival is up and running, everything is coming together quite nicely.

This is different from previous festivals in that we are all performing together on a single stage in a giant theater on the 9th floor of the massive Super Brand Mall in the heart of Shanghai's upscale Pudong district.

Chinaclowning AND air conditioning?!? Whoo-hoo! And being in a large mall gives us OUR choice of what we'd like to eat for lunch and dinner. We also have access to a Starbucks which, as a hardcore Dunkin' Donuts coffee man it pains me to say, is really a gift from heaven.

Like any festival, there were some bugs to work out but overall I think that this one is shaping up to be my favorite. Andrew, Mark and I have melded our divergent characters, styles and material into a 15, a 20, a 25 and a 30 minute show, all of which seem to be working pretty well. Since we are not a full-time trio it gives us a greater chance to be flexible, shuffle our solo bits around and assist the producers with their scheduling needs.

Our fellow performers are all top notch and it's really a joy to watch them work.

A favorite among all is Ryan, Romina and Steve, who I believe had 100% performer attendance backstage in the wings for their first two or three quick-paced HIGHLY physical slapstick shows.

I'll bring the camera today and try to load some pictures when I get back.

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Anonymous said...

Dam pat wouldn't they let you bring a camera over there ?