Sunday, September 28, 2008

RON SEVERINI: Ringling, 1970s

Photo courtesy of Lee Jarrett

Ron Severini the way I remember him, juggling on the track. I don't remember any of the gags that he was in but I can still see him juggling on the track during come-in.

I thought quite a bit of Ron growing up, after all he was a Boss Clown who came from New Jersey.

I don't know if I'm remembering correctly but I also think that Ron had the first set of juggling clubs that I'd ever seen with a black body instead of the usual white. I thought that looked pretty darn slick back then... and I still do.

Weird what stays with you...

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Smelltest said...

I remember Ron's chair routine. He was great in the ring all by his lonesome. He was always making things to improve his appearance and to help others improve theirs. He was one of the first to have Mark Anthony teach him the skill of carving, although Mark ended up teaching everyone. Ron always seemed ahead of the game. Always thinking and always doing the next best thing. He was never still. Like Robert Zraick, he always pushed the boundaries.