Sunday, September 28, 2008


We had our tech rehearsals today and this festival is unlike any other that China has seen before.

The attention to detail is truly staggering! Nothing is being left to chance; every aspect of the performance is being analyzed so as to present it in the best possible way.

Andrew, Mark and I have (hopefully!) blended our shows together into a cohesive whole that will showcase each of us individually while still taking advantage of the rare opportunity to work together as a trio. Tomorrow morning we'll know if it all worked.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Unknown said...

Please provide more detailed updates for those of us not there. I chose to stay in the US (instead of partaking in this event) to attend an important conference.

Unknown said...

Hello Pat,
I am based in Shanghai and have been trying to search for the kimtom 2008 in the internet news for weeks, because I wanted to volunteer. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything in the web until this blog.

Before moving to China, I had a side biz of doing events and children's parties and balloon twisting & face painting are two of my favorite things. I don't know if there is still time coz I'm flying to Yunnan on Oct 2. But I really would want to meet you and other clowns, balloon twisters and face painters.

I'd still wish to volunteer if you'd have me, but if not, can you please let me know the schedule and location where I can at least watch the shows? Thanks!

Carol Ong